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A spray booth is a pressure-controlled closed environment, originally used to paint vehicles in a body shop. Its effective design promotes efficient paint application, minimizing contamination and maximizing the quality of the finished product.[10] To ensure the ideal working conditions (temperature, airflow, and humidity), these environments are equipped with ventilation, consisting of mechanical fans driven by electric motors, and optionally burners to heat the air to speed paint drying. Toxic solvents and paint particles are exhausted outside, possibly after filtering and treatment to reduce air pollution. Prevention of fires and dust explosions is also a high priority. To assist in the removal of the over sprayed paint from the air and to provide efficient operation of the down-draft, water-washed paint spray booths utilize paint detackifying chemical agents.

Artists may also make use of spray booth facilities to enable them to use spray paints (including automotive finishes) efficiently and safely. They may rent space and time in auto body shops or set up their facilities in association with schools or artist cooperatives -Wikipedia