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Automotive Car fleet Spray Booths

Automotive Car Spray Booth

Sprayline is a manufacturer of the best & highest-quality automotive spray booths. They provide excellent containment and curing for all models of any trucks, cars or autos. They are built to your specifications offering you a complete line of quality booths. Fleet vehicles are cars owned and used by an organization, government agency, or any public utility.  The vehicles are the foundation for many businesses and range in type heavily from taxi cabs, rental cars, trucks, public buses, and much more. They also have tremendous resale value.

Some minor dent repair and a fresh coat of paint and using our booths can create a positive image associated with your company when selling your fleet of vehicles .

Any kind of unique look the truck or Auto may have, you could potentially be doing more to attract attention to the resale value of the fleet.

When it comes time to sell your fleet of vehicles, and potential buyers see neglect on the outside the vehicle this may indicate to them that the rest of the car or truck was not taken care of.

Pro Van Sprinter Spray Booth


Designed for taller transport vehicles when a larger booth is needed. This spray booth is a great option with abundant airflow and excellent lighting. This Booth makes a great choice for the production finishing shop that is looking for increased height. A perfect all-around spray booth.

  • High velocity side down draft automotive spray booth for clean air spray finishing and rapid dry time
  • Heated or fresh air available in all automotive spray booths
  • Plenum pre-filters clean incoming air into spray booth
  • Blanket ceiling filters with swing down hinges
  • Wide double skin doors
  • Heated or fresh air Semi Down Draft spray booths
  • High velocity exhaust in spray booth for accelerated dry time and rapid over spray removal
  • Heavy duty hinges used on all automotive spray booths sizes side Semi Draft Spray Booths (14′ W x 24′ D x 9′ H) (14′ W x 26′ x 9 H’) (14′ W x 28′ D x 9′)
  • Bridge tower exhaust at front of automotive car spray booth
  • Rear wall intake at back of automotive spray booths
  • Heat system may be added for spray-cure to your auto booth
  • Production spray and cure heat systems for industrial and automotive spray booths.
  • All automotive spray booths are nut and bolt assemble for tight panel construction.
  • Sprayline Automotive spray booths are manufactured to meet NFPA 33, 70, 101, NEC 516 & OSHA Guidelines

We are a company committed to service and high quality automotive spray booths, day in and day out. The finest quality most reliable auto spray booth available is second to none. Please phone our office with your direct paint spray booth inquiries.
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Sprayline Reverse Flow Auto Car Spray Booth.

With exhaust in the front and intake in the back a reverse flow is great option when clean finishes are needed. Dual exhaust raceways in the front join together in the center and are exhausted through a smooth running tube axial exhaust fan. Adding heat or fresh air intake is made easy with by adding an intake plenum. This is a great option for any automotive or fleet shop.

Sprayline Front Air Flow Auto Booths

Versatile and valuable the Sprayline front air flow booth is designed to get coatings down right the first time. A great paintjob starts with a quality high performance booth. Each front flow bo th is designed for years of trouble free service and allows the booth to be on the front line of service. Air flow starts at the front doors and is exhausted in the rear through a center space saving plenum. Lights are mounted in the gables and side wall to provide excellent lighting. All doors are large galvanized tube frame and equipped with heavy duty hinges and latches.