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spray booth
spray booth
  •  Large industrial spray booths for all types of refinishing applications
  • Gable lighting provides side and top illumination and high-air flow through the spay booth
  • Filter doors provide clean enclosed industrial spray booths for high-end production paint and finishing
  • Allows convenient access for paint spraying large industrial objects
  • Production industrial spray booths are manufactured to meet the needs of the industrial painter and finisher
  • Hi volume air movement for over paint spray removal
  • Abundant lighting for increased visibility in booth work areas

Sprayline Open Face Industrial Spray Paint Booth.

A clear large work area Spray Paint Booth that can be    manufactured in a variety of sizes to suit the industrial coater. With abundant lighting and high volume air flow these open face booths are designed to meet and exceed the expectations for general industrial coatings. A great place to clean up your finish and add productivity to your paint shop. Add options such as additional lighting, side product access doors, more depth or height to better customize this style of booth. All booths are equipped with a smooth running tube axial exhaust fan
and standard 20” x 20” x 2” filters.

Enclosed Industrial Spray Paint Booth.

An enclosed contains the finishing process to provide a safe clean spray area. Air enters in through front filter doors and exits in the back through an exhaust plenum creating a smooth constant cross flow air current in the booth. This booth may be manufactured in many different sizes and different door and lighting options.

Automotive Side Down Flow

This high performance spray booth offers maximum air flow, great lighting and a variety of value based options to optimize your coating process. Add heat or other factory options to customize this production tool to meet the needs of demanding shops. This booth is equipped with large high volume air plenums to maximize air flow for water and solvent coatings.


• We custom built and manufacture industrial spray booths to meet NFPA 33, 70, 101, NEC 516 and OSHA Guidelines

• Our production industrial spray booths offer wide entry doors for large products that require wide entry doors and/or crane or hoist slots for easy access.

• Manufacturing for full production with drive thru design in the manufacture of your industrial spray booth for any application or process.


Custom built industrial spray booths designed to your specifications and application.