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What is a downdraft truck paint booth??

A downdraft truck paint booth introduces air into the upper plenum (above the truck paint booth’s interior ceiling) and exhausts the air through a pit(s) in the floor. The resulting draft pattern is a consistent envelope of airflow around the truck being painted.

Truck fleet spray booths are designed to meet todays high performance coating technologies. Sprayline manufactures a full line of fleet truck booths that offer maximum flexibility for the finisher. Maximum CFM insures that overspray is quickly evacuated on the spray cycle. Large exhaust chambers are equipped on the booth to promote balance air flow during the spray cycle. Booths are designed to provide excellent lighting and air flow – a good paint finish starts with good this foundation. All panels are pre-punched 6” on-center for easy installation and reliability. A heating or cooling system may be added to truck fleet spray booths to further enhance coating operations.

Booths come in a variety of configurations including cross draft, reverse flow, semi down draft, side down draft, down draft and front flow. Each booth has is own strengths and may be designed in various sizes and configurations. Additional features may be added to customize the spray booth such as additional doors and more lights. Booths may be use for fleet service or van service. Truck and fleet booths may be designed and manufactured to be used with various industries such as aero space and marine. 

Heated Semi Down Draft Truck Fleet Spray Booths

 Sprayline truck and fleet spray booths are offered in drive-through configurations as well
as twin plenum drawing air flow from end to end. A new semi down flow booth will provide years of reliable service. Air flow is provided by
smooth running tube axial exhaust fans with motors that are mounted outside of the air stream. Generous lighting is provided in the sides,
gables and top of the booth to illuminate the finishing area. Standard 20” x 20” x 2” dry filters are used in both the exhaust and intake of the booth. Front doors are wide and double wall. Door frames are made from galvanized tube steel that is welded at the factory superb alignment. Each spray booth is designed to be compliant with today’s high performance coatings and be suitable for heavy duty cycles and long hours of use. All parts and components are heavy duty and over designed to last many
years of service.

Front Air Flow Truck Utility Paint Spray Booths

Versatile and flexible with plenty of room to grow. Truck paint spray booths provide even air flow and optimized gable lighting providing a clean well suited area for all types of coatings. Large front doors allow maximum width for easy access. Truck booths may be manufactured in a variety of sized and configurations to meet demanding needs of fleet and industrial coatings including sprinter van spray booths and RV spray booths.

  • Built for outdoor use, integrated canopy built into truck spray booth
  • Large Drive through truck spray booth design
  • Heated or fresh air capabilities
  • Paint booths for Large trucks or custom sizes made to order
  • Full production truck spray booth
  • Roof mount heat system for space saving layout
  • Xtra wide entry doors for large truck and products
  • Crane or hoist slots for product access
  • Enclosed or open face truck paint booth to suit finishing paint and surface requirements
  • Custom designed and manufactured equipment and truck spray booths built for any application or process