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Industrial spray booths have become indispensable tools for businesses that rely on painting and coating applications. However, the key to maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of these booths lies in equipping them with the right accessories. These essential add-ons boost productivity and create a safe and environmentally friendly workspace for employees.

In this blog, we will explore six essential industrial spray booth system accessories that every business should consider incorporating into their operations.

1.    LED Lighting

In the 21st century, energy-saving LED lighting fixtures have become a necessity in industrial, commercial, and corporate setups. Ensuring the right make, and type of LED lights are incorporated at various angles in your industrial spray booth is crucial. With complete control over customizing your lighting requirements, you can even integrate automated smart function lights for added convenience. To explore more industrial spray booth accessorizing options, click here.

2.    Energy Smart Technology

By incorporating energy-smart technology, your industrial spray booth can transform into a highly valuable asset, offering numerous benefits beyond its original capabilities. This investment will undoubtedly yield substantial returns in terms of booth usage and operational efficiency. While energy-smart technology is commonly found in larger processing units or production ecosystems, it seamlessly optimizes existing systems without causing disruptions. Instead, it tailors operations to specific requirements, making it a practical and efficient addition to your industrial setup.

3.    Airspeed and Balancing Controls

The primary purpose of industrial spray booths usually does not require airspeed and balancing controls. However, in more complex production and customization operations, these controls are essential to be integrated into your system. Airspeed balancing controls offer an interactive and highly responsive interface. The consistent air and pressure conditions ensure reliable operations.

4.    Mix Rooms

Mix rooms are the most commonly integrated additions preferred by most operators. Mix rooms are specialized rooms outside the booth environment where the chemicals and smaller appliances are stored. This feature serves a safety and precautionary purpose, reducing the risk of hazardous exposure for the employees and prioritizing their well-being. Furthermore, it protects the quality of the chemicals and ensures their longevity, making operations more cost-effective.

5.    Air Makeup Systems

Air makeup systems are a critical feature that should not be overlooked in your industrial spray booth. Failure to incorporate this system can result in negative air pressure, which poses health risks for individuals inside the booth.

6.    Air Hose Storage

Air hoses are crucial components for the proper functioning of industrial spray booths. However, improper storage of these hoses can lead to safety concerns, with operators and workers at risk of tripping over sprawled or tangled hoses, resulting in potential injuries. Investing in adequate hose storage systems is essential to prevent such hazards. A simple and effective solution is a large, industrial hook-like attachment that ensures proper organization and safety in your spray booth setup.


To sum it up, integrating the mentioned accessories into your spray booth is crucial to enhancing safety and ensuring better results. At Sprayline, we are committed to bringing you the best industrial spray booths and accessories. Visit our store today to explore the finest engineering designs.